Wednesday, December 19, 2012

P & N Kids - {Utah Family Photographer}

These kids were so much fun!  They were such naturals in front of the camera and even though the temperature was in the 30's, they didn't complain.  They had such fun personalities and were great to work with!

This gal was showing me how she was like Tinkerbell and could jump so high!  ;)

I love all the sassy-ness in this picture!!

This young man was such a hoot.  He picked each spot he wanted to get his pictures taken.  He knew how to work the camera!  ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baptism Invitation or Announcement Cards

Here are a couple of designs created for this handsome boys' baptism last month.  I'm a little late in posting it, sorry!

This was the first design idea, with a canvas texture as the background:

Here was the second idea, with a blue stripe background:

Then this little guy's Dad requested to see a design with the two concepts combined:

I have to admit, this one is my favorite.  The blue has a canvas/linen textured background.  It was printed on a felt style paper and the result was fantastic!!!  The paper was thick but in a matte finish.  Really one of my favorite paper choices.  Contact me if you want to order your invitation!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Several Christmas Card designs

I've been working a few new designs for a client.  Here are some of the designs:

Secret Santa gift tag freebie

Giving a secret santa gift?  Here is a freebie gift tag:

Right click and save as or click here to download.

Merry Christmas!!